The RPFM SGL model differs from the IPFM model only by the inclusion of a realpole low-pass filter instead of a pure integrator acting on e. Thus the "memory" of v decays exponentially. The RPFM spike generation model is often called the "leaky integrator" SGL. A property of RPFM is that if a constant E < 9r occurs, the model will not fire as v never reaches 9, creating a dead zone in the system e vs. frequency characteristic. Figure 4.3-2 shows the block diagram of an RPFM SGL model. Note that 1/c is the time constant of the low-pass filter. The general solution for an RPFM system is given by a set of real convolution integrals for n = 1, 2, ... N, where t0 = 0. | is the variable of integration.

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