Neural Network Simulation Language Or

NSL is a product of computational neurobiologists at the University of Southern California Brain Program (USCBP). The latest version of this program is NSL3.0j (23 April 1999). It is designed to run on UNIX OS computers; however, NSL3.0m has been adapted to run on personal computers running Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0 (22 September, 1999). The files occupy some 81.25 MB, and the m version runs under either the DOS window environment or the Cygnus/cygwin window environment. NSL is written in NSL C++. NSL is public-domain software for educational institutions; however, NSL is licensed and copyrighted. To read about the protocol for downloading NSL, see http://kona.usc.edU/~nsl/unprotected/status99.4.14.html. To obtain the PC/Windows version, see:

Because NSL was developed to model CNS behavior in specific situations, its models typically deal with hundreds if not thousands of neural elements, and proportionally more synapses. A typical neural SGL uses the leaky integrator model, in which the generator potential, mp is described by the simple ODE:

where t is the time constant of the low-pass filter, and s is its net input voltage. s can be given as

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