Net Dimming Units

Northrop and Guignon (1970) only found three dimming units (DUs) out of 181 units classified. They were monocular, ipsilateral units with RFs evidently involving the whole eye. As in the case of LUs, DUs have two subtypes: Those that give phasic responses to OFF, and those that give tonic responses. A tonic DU would fire slowly in LSS, then accelerate its rate smoothly at OFF. All DUs fired regularly in DSS. A phasic DU bursts at OFF, then slows to a steady DSS rate. Horridge et al. (1965) called the tonic DUs in Locusta type AF; phasic DUs were called type BD. Horridge et al. were able to measure the RFs of type BD at about 15° to 25°.

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