FIGURE 4.3-5 A Simnon simulation of an RPFM pulse generator given a constant frequency train of impulses as an input. The input frequency has been adjusted so that the RPFM SGL does not fire. Trace 1, Vr (low-pass filter output); 2, 9 = 2 V; 3, output (no pulses); c = 0. 5 r/ms. See discussion in text.

T is the period of the input impulses of area Do c. Note that the series: Sn = 1 + x + x2 + ... + xn-1 can be written in closed form as

In the limit, as n ^ x, Sx = 1/(1 - x). Thus as t ^ x, the peaks of v(t) ^ Do c/(1

For the RPFM neuron to fire after a very long time, fmin is needed.


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