FIGURE 2.6-9 An Arenivaga PPU with a very sharp directional sensitivity main peak at 260°, and a smaller sharp peak at 220°.

All protocerebral positional units studied had low POBLs, and adapted rapidly following the tilt $. Adaptation times were dif cult to measure because the increased ring rate due to tilt at the preferred . decayed toward the random POBL ring rate. Willey's data suggest that adaptation times range from 20 to 45 s.

FIGURE 2.6-10 A curious PPU with a trimodal response. (The trimodal response may be because three different PPUs had spikes of nearly the same size, giving a superimposed response.)
FIGURE 2.6-11 A single PPU response with a broad directional sensitivity. Note suppression of POBL ring for tilts in the 315° to 45° range.

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