Prbn Generator

32-bit PBRN generator

32-bit PBRN generator

Digitally-tuned Low-pass filter

FIGURE 8.0-2 Schematic of a 32-bit PRBN generator built by the author. The random square wave, n(t), has zero mean. n(t) is low-pass-filtered to generate a continuous, bandwidth-limited Gaussian noise, Vn(t).

9nn(x) is periodic in T; i.e., 9nn(x) = <m(x + T). However, in this system, T > At or N > 1, so the periodicity in <nn(x) will be neglected and the continuous Fourier transform (CFT) of Equation 8.13, ®m(ra) calculated. This is easily shown to be

Considering the size of N = (232 - 1) = 4.29496730 E9, ®m(ra) can be finally approximated by

Figures 8.3A and B illustrate the autocorrelation function of the PRBN offset output, n(t), and its approximate autopower spectrum (PDS).

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