FIGURE 5.2-6 Diagram relevant to the calculation of the intensity contrast of a retinula cell in the second example. A one-dimensional, black white, square wave object is "shown" to an ommatidium whose retinula cells absorb light with a Gaussian DSF. The square wave

period is A. The DSF half intensity angle is 0m/2 = a ln(4) .

zero mean, f(x, y), having a period A and peak height, (p - q)/2. Note that the object itself has a contrast, Cobj = (p - q)/(p + q). Figure 5.2-6 illustrates this system.

Because f(x, y) is periodic in x, one can write f(x, y) as a Fourier series in complex form:

where uo = 2n/A rad/mm. The complex Fourier coefficient Cn(y) is found from

Cn(y) is found to be

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