FIGURE 4.5-16 Simulation of the RING4.T model with AL(0) = -2.5. At the higher loop gain, the system exhibits an underdamped, second-order-type response in terms of instantaneous frequency before settling down to steady-state, constant-frequency behavior.

4.5.5 Discussion

Probably one of the more significant lessons learned by examining the basic RI pair (modeled as RPFM spike generators connected by single-time-constant, ballistic filters emulating epsp and ipsp) is that this neural circuit, as configured here, will not generate patterned firing unless symmetrical delays are introduced into the inhibitory feedback paths. In the absence of delays, or with asymmetrical delays, one output tends to dominate (the other is silent) when the system is given a common input pulse train. The cross-inhibition turns off the other output neuron, so no bursting is seen. Other circuit architectures based on negative feedback will, however, produce patterned burst firing, such as the four-neuron ring oscillator.

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