G(t) = Gmaxx2 (t ) = Gmax[K/(b-a )][^^p(-at )- exp(-bt)], b > a 9.6

The HH spike generation formalism can be applied to the axon compartment sections, and thus generate an action potential traveling wave as the voltage-dependent conductance activity spreads from one axon compartment to the next. Considerable neurophysiological detail can result from the compartmental approach.

Single neurons and small BNNs can also be modeled by the general-purpose, nonlinear ODE solver Simnon™, at any level of detail desired. Using the modular locus approach, the programmer develops sets of ODEs describing SGLs, epsps, ipsps, delays, dendritic attenuations, etc., then a connection matrix giving the modeled BNN structure.

The following sections describe some of the currently available neural modeling programs, their applications, and where they can be found.

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