It is easy to see that if the spot is at x = x, Vi = Vimax, which can be shown to be

Finding Vimin is more complex; one must start by finding the effective intensities with the black spot centered over the array of seven ommatidia. The intensity at the central retinula cell is found in the manner used in the second example:

Because of radial symmetry, the intensities at retinula cells 2 through 7 are equal, and can be found in one dimension:

Now Vimin is found:

Vimin = (koIo a/B)7GKA [n - 2 tan-1(d/2a)]GKA {n - tan-1[(d/2 + p)/a]

- tan-1[(d/2 - p)/a]}6GKA 5.2-106 As before, the desired contrast is

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