Figure P44

a. Sketch and dimension the RPFM SGL input, Ve (t), when both photoreceptors are given a long pulse of light: I(t) = Io [U(t) - U(t - T)]. That is, T > a-1, b-1. U(t) is a unit step function.

b. Simulate the system using a Simnon neural model, and observe the spike output of N3. The three ODEs required are:

(Excitatory LPF) (Inhibitory LPF) (RPFM LPF) (SGLgenerator potential)

Complete simulation of the RPFM SGL with Simnon requires the auxiliary equations:

dv = - v*c + c*Ve - z " z is reset pulse; dv = v. w = IF v > phi THEN 1 ELSE 0 s = DELAY (w, dT)

x = w - s " pulse former y = IF x > 0 THEN x ELSE 0 " half-wave rectification, y are unit output pulses, z = y*phi/dT

In the simulation, let a = 2, b = 1, phi = 1, c = 1, dT = 0.001 (same as Euler integration At), K*Io = 1. Plot I(t), Ve(t), v(t), and y.

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