Figure P24

2.5. The feedback model for spindle control of Figure 2.3-9 has been modi ed to include a hypothetical CNS integrator (see Figure P2.5).

a. Give expressions for R2(s)/X2(s) and R2(s)/Ro(s) in Laplace form.

b. Let ro(t) = RoU(t + T) (ro is a step of height Ro applied long in the past so that the system is in the steady state. Also, let x2(t) = X2 U(t). Write expressions for r2(t). Plot and dimension r2(t).

2.6. Refer to Figure P2.6, a model for the dynamic behavior of a PC. Simulate this system using Simnon or Simulink. Let k = 4, . n = 0.5 r/ms, Q = 1/(2.) = 0.707, c = 1 r/ms, . = 1. Use Euler integration with dT = 0.001 ms. The derivative of the applied pressure, pr, can be approximated by the analog lter:

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