Example 711

Now some illustrated examples of Zorkoczy operators are examined. The first example will consider the properties of a relation given by Zorkoczy (1966) applied to a linear, one- dimensional array of receptors with unit spacing, 8 = v T mm, where v is the unit velocity and the clock period T = * is the signal delay operator in the array. The M(A) operator is defined by

Figure 7.1-3 illustrates the system. As described above, B(ak) is the ON/OFF operator on the kth receptor; the asterisk implies that the signal from B(ak+1) is delayed by one clock period, the overbar signifies logical inversion, the dot logical AND-ing, and the summation, a mass OR-ing. Examine the output of the big, n-fold OR gate for the following inputs:

M(A) = 0 For general ON over all n receptors in the line.

M(A) = 0 For general OFF over all m receptors in the line.

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