Example 523

As a third example consider a local cluster of seven ommatidia with one retinula cell from each ommatidium in the cluster. The seven retinula cells each synapse with an LMC, which, in turn, has an exponential electrotonic synapse with a medullary interneuron, following the theoretical architecture of the previous example (see Figure 5.2-12). Again, assume

FIGURE 5.2-12 Schematic of a seven-ommatidia cluster, synthetic aperture system. The optical axes of the ommatidia are separated from their neighbors by p°. The black spot diameter is d°.

For each retinula cell in an ommatidium surrounding the central cell ommatidium, the radial displacement between ommatidial centers is p degrees. The object is a circular black spot, as before, either at x = x or centered over the 1 ommatidium at x = 0. The diameter of the spot is d°. When centered at x = 0, the spot has the one-dimensional Fourier transform, P(u):

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