This section has set forth two speculative mathematical models that provide a rational hypothesis to explain anomalous resolution (AR) in insect vision. AR was seen to be a statistically significant increase in firing of certain neurons in the OLs or ventral nerve cord when stripes of very fine spatial period or small black spots were moved over a CE. The limiting stripe period and spot diameter of 0.3o appears impossible to detect if only a single ommatidium and a single retinula cell in the CE are considered.

Significant contrast enhancement (as the spot object or a single stripe moves from a distant location to directly over the ommatidium optical axis was shown to occur in a multiplicative signal processing model, where the depolarization outputs of all six retinula cells in an ommatidium are multiplied together.

In the synthetic aperture model, the depolarization outputs of single retinula cells from adjacent ommatidia are multiplied together to achieve increased contrast. Models with two, three, and seven adjacent ommatidia were considered. Thus, the power of the array over the single visual receptor is demonstrated.

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