Selfassociation of Insulin A Protein Protein Interaction

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Protein-protein interactions mediate the majority of life processes. An understanding of these interactions is critical to understanding cell regulation [66] and to preventing human disease that can arise from errors in protein-protein interactions [67]. A clear understanding of these interactions points the way to developing new targets and discovering new drugs [68]. Insulin, a protein with 51 residues in two chains [69], is a good model system for testing whether a PLIMSTEX-like approach can determine protein self association. Oligomerization of insulin also has implications in the treatment of type I diabetes. The large size of the hexamer, which contains two Zn2+, of insulin prevents its efficient absorption into the blood stream [70], whereas aggregation is prevented by using analogs of insulins that are stable in monomeric form [71]. PLIMSTEX can be used to study the self-association properties of various insulins [33] and may be a promising method for investigating protein-protein interactions.

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