Screening of Natural Products for Acetylcholinesterase Activity

To test whether the system was effective in a real screening experiment, an extract was made of Narcissus cv ''Bridal Crown'' bulbs. Although species of the genus Narcissus are known to contain galanthamine, no information was available about the galanthamine content in this variety.

Figure 5.8a presents the TIC of the MS experiment whereas Fig. 5.8b shows the corresponding choline trace. In the choline trace three major negative peaks were detected. However, two of those peaks also showed negative peaks in the SMC trace (Fig. 5.8d), corresponding with major peaks in the TIC. Also, one of these peaks matched with a negative peak in the acetylcholine trace. However, at the retention time indicated by the solid line a negative peak was observed in the choline trace and a matching positive peak in the acetylcholine trace, and no

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