Monitoring Bioactive Compounds

The biochemical MS assay performance was studied for various biotin derivatives, such as biotin (m/z 245), N-biotinyl-6-aminocaproic acid hydrazide (m/z 372), biotin-hydrazide (m/z 259), N-biotinyl-L-lysine (m/z 373) and biotin-N-succinimi-dylester (m/z 342). These five different bioactive compounds were consecutively injected into the biochemical MS assay. Figure 5.12 shows triplicate injections in the biochemical MS-based system of the different active compounds. Each compound binds to streptavidin, hence the MS responses of peaks of the reporter ligand (fluorescein-biotin, m/z 390) are similar. The use of SIM allows specific components to be selected and monitored, e.g. protonated molecule of the biotin derivatives. In this case, no peaks were observed for biotin-N-succinimidylester (m/z 342), because under the applied conditions fragmentation occurred to m/z 245. In combination with full-scan MS measurements, the molecular mass of active compounds can be determined simultaneously to the biochemical measurement.

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