Comparison of GPC Spin ColumnHplc Esims with Tandem Chromatographic Method of Gpchplc Esims

In principle, the analytical results obtained by the GPC spin column/HPLC ESI-MS methodology described in this chapter should be similar to the results obtained using the tandem chromatographic method of GPC/reversed-phase HPLC ESI-MS described in Chapter 3. There are practical advantages for each method. Since each of the chromatographic and mass spectral steps are done serially for the GPC spin column/HPLC ESI-MS methodology, each of the steps can be performed and optimized individually. In the event of mass spectrometer failure, the production of spin column eluate samples can proceed and samples can be stored for future analysis. In contrast, the parallel methodology of tandem GPC/ reversed-phase HPLC ESI-MS requires the simultaneous optimization of multi ple systems, with the concomitant risk of a downed system when there is a failure in any one of the units. However, the tandem GPC/reversed-phase HPLC ESI-MS requires less human intervention, provided all systems operate smoothly.

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