Tethering with extenders was also used to identify inhibitors to the anti-inflammatory target caspase-1 [28, 29]. In this case, one of the same extenders previously designed for caspase-3 selected an entirely different set of fragments. This is consistent with different substrate peptide sequence preferences: WEHD for caspase-1 vs DEVD for caspase-3 [30].

As with caspase-3, these hits were converted into potent, soluble inhibitors by replacing the disulfide linkage with a simple alkyl linkage (Fig. 9.10). As in the case of caspase-3, rigidifying the linker could improve affinity, as could introducing a hydrophobic moiety at the S2 position. Several of these molecules demonstrated activity in cellular assays and selectivity for caspase-1 over the closely related caspase-5. Crystallography of several of these molecules in complex with caspase-1 revealed that they bind in an extended conformation as expected, but that the S2 pocket that collapses in caspase-3 remains open in caspase-1.

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