Antivasospasmic Effect

HA1077 is unique in dilating spastic arteries not only by local (intra-arteri-al) application but also by systemic (intravenous, i.v.) administration with doses not causing significant hypotension (Takayasu et al. 1986). Usual calcium entry blockers such as nicardipine or diltiazem result in poor vasodi-lating effects even in doses that show significant hypotension. In order to select an appropriate dosage for use in a double-blind trial, various doses of HA1077 (20-180 mg/day) were given to separate groups of patients. Each dose of the drug was given in 100 ml of saline, infused for 30 min, two or three times a day for 14 days after clipping the aneurysm. Severe angio-graphic spasm decreased with increasing doses of HA1077. No severe vasospasm was seen in a group receiving 40-60 mg, three times a day. However, patients on high doses of HA1077 occasionally suffered mild hypotension,

Table 3 Summary: double-blind trial of fasudil (HA1077)

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