The Recombinant Human IFNa Genes and Proteins

A summary of the IFN-a genes and proteins is listed in Table 2. There are in essence 14 human genes that comprise the IFN-a family. Minor variants consisting of one or two amino acid differences account for the multiple alleles (Diaz et al. 1994; Krause and Pestka 2005; Pestka 1983a, 1983b, 1986). Excluding the pseudogene IFNAP22, there are 13 genes. One of them, IFNA10 is also a pseudogene in one allelic form. There are 13 proteins expressed from these genes. The protein produced from gene IFNA13 is identical to that produced from IFNA1. Thus, there are 12 separate IFN-a proteins (and allelic forms) produced from these 14 genes (Table 2).

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