Self Expandable Stent Prosta Coil and GianturcoZ

The ProstaCoil is 17 Fr before insertion and expands to 24-30 Fr. Yachia and associates reported on their experience in 65 patients (22). Of these, 37 had their stents removed at the time of prostatectomy. Complications were urinary tract infections in 32 patients, repositioning in 5 patients, and dysuria or perineal pain in 14 patients.

The Gianturco-Z stent, a zigzag arrangement of stainless steel wires that expands to 36 Fr, was initially used within the biliary system. Morgentaler and DeWolf reported on the use of this stent in 21 patients (23). Spontaneous voiding resumed in 95%, with long-term success in 76%. Two patients had failure as a result of stent migration within 1 mo.

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