Commander Naval Supply Systems Command

The Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command (COMNAVSUPSYSCOM) administers the Navy Food Service Program.

a. The Deputy Commander for Support Services administers the subsistence program for the Navy. NAVSUP PUB 486 gives line of authority and direction for general mess operation.

b. COMNAVSUPSYSCOM (Code 51) has been delegated the responsibility for preparation of food service equipment specifications and has been tasked with the design of food service systems ashore and afloat.

(1) Navy Food Management Teams. Under the management of COMNAVSUPSYSCOM (Code 51), Navy Food Management Teams are composed of traveling instructors devoted to training food service personnel and assisting ships and field activities in improving the general messes. A preventive medicine technician (PMT) serves as a member of each team.

(2) Commands may obtain the services of these teams by submitting a request to COMNAVSUPSYSCOM (Code 51). Request procedures are located in NAVSUP PUB 486, Volume 1, Appendix J.

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