Case 97 Round Atelectasis Due To Asbestos Exposure

The CXR shows bilateral pleural calcification suggestive of previous asbestos exposure. In addition, there seems to be a mass in the right middle zone (Fig. 97.2). CT Thorax shows the mass to be abutting the posterior pleural surface. The mass (Fig. 97.3) appears to have a comet tail - curvilinear bronchovascular shadows leading towards it. The diagnostic criteria for round atelectasis are: (1) mass abutting pleura, (2) comet tail of bronchovascular markings leading towards it, (3) inflammatory process involving the pleura (in this case previous asbestos exposure).

Rounded Atelectasis Asbestos
Fig. 98.1

Case 98. This patient was totally asymptomatic. The CXR is shown (Fig. 98.1).

Pleural Calcification

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