Case 68 Left Pleural Effusion And Lytic Lesion In The Left Third Rib Suggestive Of Metastatic Disease

The CXR shows a moderate-sized left pleural effusion, which is loculated. There is also globular cardiomegaly, suggesting a pericardial effusion. Pleural tap showed malignant cells consistent with the diagnosis of adenocarcinoma of the lung. In addition, the second, third, and fourth ribs on the left side (Fig. 68.2) demonstrate lytic lesions in keeping with bony metastases. Bone scan would be helpful in confirming the bone metastases. These are all features of advanced lung cancer with metastatic involvement.

Lung Cancer Bone Metastatic
Fig. 69.1

Case 69. This 50-year-old female with a past history of tuberculosis had chronic cough over the past year. Describe her CXR (Fig. 69.1).

Pleural Effusions Due Malignancy
Fig. 69.2

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