Case 27 Post Left Pneumonectomy

There is a homogenous whiteout of the left hemithorax. The differential diagnoses are complete left lung collapse or post left pneumonectomy. The elevation of the gastric bubble and leftward shift of mediastinum here rule out a massive left pleural effusion. The presence of surgical clips in the left hemithorax in the vicinity of the left main-stem bronchus (Fig. 27.2) makes a left pneumonectomy very likely.

Cxr Pneumonectomy

Case 28. This patient presented with recent onset of dyspnea and streaky hemoptysis. The CXR is shown (Fig. 28.1). What is the radiological diagnosis?

Post Pneumonectomy


See Case 27. There is a homogenous whiteout of the left hemithorax. As in the previous case, there is evidence of volume loss in the left lung with shift of mediastinum to the left, crowding of the left-sided ribs and elevation of the left hemi-diaphragm. Flexible bronchoscopy demonstrated near-total occlusion of the left main-stem bronchus by a tumor (mucoepidermoid carcinoma, Fig. 28.2). Laser resection of the tumor was then performed, resulting in restoration of ventilation to the left lung.

Left Main Stem Occlusion

Case 29. This elderly male patient had recent loss of weight and bone pains. What is the most obvious CXR abnormality (Fig. 29.1)? Name the differential diagnoses?

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