Pleural Effusion

Case 88 Pleural Lipoma

Cxr Showing Tunnelled Cuffed Catheter

It is usually possible to differentiate this from lung parenchymal masses abutting the pleura which tend to be relatively round with the angle between the mass and the chest wall being acute unlike here where the angle is obtuse - Fig. 88.2 . The CT Thorax Fig. 88.3 shows that the mass is of fat density confirming the presence of a pleural lipoma, which is benign. Case 89. This patient is asymptomatic. The CXR is shown Fig. 89.1 . CASE 89 SWYER-JAMES-MACLEOD'S...

Case 32 Primary Pulmonary Hypertension

Oligemic Lung Fields

This patient fits the typical clinical and radiological profile of a patient with primary pulmonary hypertension. The pulmonary arteries are markedly enlarged with the right atrial chamber also enlarged. The normal right pulmonary descending artery diameter is less than 16 mm in males and 15 mm in females. The lung fields are clear and the lung volumes normal making lung disease causing pulmonary hypertension unlikely. Other causes to be ruled out are congenital heart disease and chronic...