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Holmes Rolston, III, University Distinguished Professor and Professor of Philosophy at Colorado State University, is the author of Environmental Ethics (Temple University Press, 1988) and Conserving Natural Value (Columbia University Press, 1994). He is past president of the International Society for Environmental Ethics. In 2003 he was awarded the Templeton Prize in Religion, recognizing his work on respect for nature and reverence for life are not as mere individuals (as though in a zoo or botanical garden), but they flourish in species lines and live in niches in habitats. An organism, a species, is what it is where it is, adapted for living in ongoing ecological and evolutionary systems. The most appropriate unit for moral concern is the whole system, the fundamental unit of development and survival.

Now we can put humans back in the picture. After all, ecology is about living at home (Greek oikos, " house"), the inclusive system again. Humans have entwined destinies with the natural world; their richest quality of life requires identifying with these communities.

Environmental ethics becomes Earth ethics. Humans are the only evaluators who can reflect at global scales. When humans do this, they must set up the scales. Animals, plants, insects, species, ecosystems, cannot take part in such inclusive and comprehensive concern for biodiversity on Earth, But they are what is to be measured. Earth (as seen from space) is quite a wonder. We Earthlings ought to care for this home planet.

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