The vertebrate thermostat uses feedback information

In many species, the temperature of the hypothalamus itself is the major source of feedback information to the thermostat. Cooling the hypothalamus causes fish and reptiles to seek a warmer environment, and warming the hypothalamus causes them to seek a cooler environment. In mammals, cooling the hypothalamus can stimulate constriction of the blood vessels supplying the skin and increase metabolic heat production. Because it activates these thermoregulatory responses, cooling the hypothalamus causes the body temperature to rise. Conversely, warming the hypothalamus stimulates dilation of the blood vessels supplying the skin and sweating or panting, and the overall body temperature falls (Figure 41.17).

The hypothalamus appears to generate a set point like a setting on the thermostat of a house. When the temperature of the hypothalamus exceeds or drops below that set point,

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