Some relatives of the arthropods have unjointed legs

Although they were once thought to be closely related to annelid worms, recent molecular evidence links the 110 species of ony-chophorans (phylum Ony-chophora) to the arthropod lineages. Onychophorans have soft bodies that are covered by a thin, flexible cuticle that contains chitin. Onychophorans use their fluid filled body cavities as hydrostatic skeletons. Their soft, fleshy, unjointed, claw-bearing legs are formed by outgrowths of the body (Figure 33.6a). These animals are probably similar in appearance to ancestral arthropods. Fertilization is internal, and the large, yolky eggs are brooded with the body of the female.

Like the onychophorans, water bears (phylum Tardi-grada) have fleshy, unjointed legs and use their fluid-filled body cavities as hydrostatic skeletons (Figure 33.6b). Water bears are extremely small (0.1-0.5 mm in length), and they lack circulatory systems and gas exchange organs. The 600 extant species of water bears live in marine sands and on temporary water films on plants. When these films dry out, the water bears also lose water and shrink to small, barrel-shaped objects that can survive for at least a decade in a dormant state. They have been found at densities as high as 2 million per square meter of moss.

33.6 Unjointed Legs (a) Onychophorans, also called "velvet worms," have unjointed legs and use the body cavity as a hydrostatic skeleton. (b) The appendages and general anatomy of water bears superficially resemble those of onychophorans.

Hydrostatic Skeleton

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