Exercise Physiology Resume
Coleoptiles responded to light only when the tip was exposed.

Conclusion: The plant's "eye" (the part that senses light) is in the tip, and it sends a signal from the tip to the growing region.

38.7 The Darwins'Phototropism Experiment The top drawings show some of the ways in which seedlings grown in the dark were "blindfolded"; the lower drawings show the results the Darwins observed in each case.Their observations led them to hypothesize the existence of a growth-promoting signal produced by the coleoptile.

coleoptile is sharply inhibited. If the tip is carefully replaced, growth resumes, even if the tip and base are separated by a thin layer of gelatin. The hormone moves down from the tip, but it does not move from one side of the coleoptile to the other. If the tip is cut off and replaced so that it covers only one side of the cut end of the coleoptile, the coleoptile curves as the cells on the side below the replaced tip grow more rapidly than those on the other side.

moves only from the blade end toward the stem end. In roots, however, auxin moves toward the root tip, in the phloem. What regulates these movements of auxin?

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