Regulation of hormone receptors controls the sensitivity of cells to hormones

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We saw above that the release of hormones can be under feedback control, usually negative feedback control. Similarly, the abundance of receptors for a hormone can be under feedback control. In some cases, continuous high levels of a hormone can decrease the number of its receptors, a process known as downregulation. Upregulation of receptors, or an increase in their abundance, is a positive feedback mechanism, and is less common.

An example of downregulation is type II diabetes mellitus, which is characterized by elevated levels of circulating insulin, but a loss of insulin receptors. Although genetic factors are likely to be involved, a possible immediate cause of the disease is an overstimulation of pancreatic release of insulin by excessive carbohydrate intake, which leads to downregulation of the insulin receptors.

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Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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