The Revised Authoritative Guide To Vaccine Legal Exemptions

Vaccines Have Serious Side Effects

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Because the antigens used for immunization or vaccination are either themselves toxic or are parts of a pathogenic organism, they must be used in a form that is inactive in causing a disease but active in provoking an immune response. There are three principal ways to do this:

► Attenuation involves either treating the antigenic molecule or organism with a chemical (for example, formalin) or repeatedly infecting cells with it in the laboratory until its toxicity is reduced.

► Biotechnology can be used to produce peptide fragments that activate lymphocytes but do not have the harmful part of a protein toxin. DNA vaccines are being developed that will introduce a gene encoding an antigen into the body.

worldwide, thanks to an international effort by the World Health Organization. As far as we know, the only remaining smallpox viruses on Earth are those kept in some laboratories. But there are fears that the smallpox virus and other pathogens, some of which do not have readily available vaccines, may be in the hands of terrorists.

18.2 Some Vaccines against Human Pathogens

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