Evolutionary Radiations Are Common And Easily Studied On Oceanic Islands. In What Types Of Mainland Situations Would You Expect To Find Major Evolutionary Radiations

1. The snow goose of North America has two distinct color forms: blue and white. Matings between the two color forms are common. However, blue individuals pair with blue individuals and white individuals pair with white individuals much more frequently than would be expected by chance. Suppose that 75 percent of all mated pairs consisted of two individuals of the same color. What would you conclude about speciation processes in these geese? If 95 percent of pairs were the same color? If 100 percent of pairs were the same color?

2. Suppose pairs of snow geese of mixed colors were found only in a narrow zone within the broad Arctic breeding range of the geese. Would your answer to Question 1 remain the same? Would your answer change if mixed-color pairs were widely distributed across the breeding range of the geese?

3. Although many butterfly species are divided into local populations among which there is little gene flow, these species often show relatively little morphological variation among populations. Describe the studies you would conduct to determine what maintains this morphological similarity.

4. Evolutionary radiations are common and easily studied on oceanic islands, but in what types of mainland situations would you expect to find major evolutionary radiations? Why?

5. Fruit flies of the genus Drosophila are distributed worldwide, but most of the species in the genus are found on the Hawaiian Islands. What might account for this distribution pattern?

6. Evolutionary radiations take place when speciation rates exceed extinction rates. What factors can cause extinction rates to exceed speciation rates in a lineage? Name some lineages in which human activities are increasing extinction rates without increasing speciation rates.

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