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1. In most seed plant species, only one of the products of meio-sis in the megasporangium survives. How might this be advantageous?

2. Suggest an explanation for the great success of the angiosperms in occupying terrestrial habitats.

3. In many locales, large gymnosperms predominate over large angiosperms. Under what conditions might gymnosperms have the advantage, and why?

4. Not all flowers possess all of the following floral organs: sepals, petals, stamens, and carpels. Which floral organ or organs do you think might be found in the flowers that have the smallest number of floral organ types? Discuss the possibilities, both for a single flower and for a species.

5. The problem of the origin of the angiosperms has long been "an abominable mystery," as Charles Darwin once put it. Scientists still do not know the nearest relatives of the angiosperms. It has often been suggested (correctly or incorrectly) that the gnetophytes are sister to the angiosperms. What pieces of evidence suggested this connection?

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  • mike mayer
    Why do gymnosperms predominate over angiosperms?
    8 years ago
  • Vittoria
    How does angiosperm occupy terrestrial habitats?
    8 years ago

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