If You Found A Protein That Was Localized To A Small Group Of Cells In The Frog Blastula How Would You Determine Whether That Protein Played A Role In Development

1. If you found a protein that was localized to a small group of cells in the frog blastula, how would you determine whether that protein played a role in development? Address the issues of sufficiency and necessity.

2. During gastrulation in birds, the sonic hedgehog gene is expressed only on the left side of Hensen's node. What might be the significance of this expression pattern?

3. Much of the early work of describing the physiology of animal development was done on sea urchins, amphibians, and chicks. Most recent work on the molecular mechanisms of animal development has been done on nematodes, fruit flies, zebrafish, and mice. Why do you think there has been a shift in the animal models used by developmental biologists?

4. If all the mitochondria and mitochondrial DNA in the embryo come from the egg, what implications does this have for using mitochondrial DNA for molecular evolutionary studies?

5. There is currently much controversy over therapeutic cloning as a way of obtaining embryonic stem cells to treat diseases. Given that human regulative development—in other words, the fact that twinning can occur if an early blastocyst is divided into two cell masses—can you think of a way to guarantee a source of isogenic (i.e., identically matching a person's own body) stem cells for any individual without resorting to therapeutic cloning? Assume isolated cells can be preserved indefinitely in a frozen state.

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    Is you found a protein that was localized to a small group of cells i the frog blastula?
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