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1. For a crop plant that reproduces both sexually and asexually, which method of reproduction might the farmer prefer? Why?

2. Thompson Seedless grapes are produced by vines that are triploid. Think about the consequences of this chromosomal condition for meiosis in the flowers. Why are these grapes seedless? Describe the role played by the flower in fruit formation when no seeds are being formed. How do you suppose Thompson Seedless grapes are propagated?

3. Poinsettias are popular ornamental plants that typically bloom just before Christmas. Their flowering is photoperiodically controlled. Are they long-day or short-day plants? Explain.

4. You plan to induce the flowering of a crop of long-day plants in the field by using artificial light. Is it necessary to keep the lights on continuously from sundown until the point at which the critical day length is reached? Why, or why not?

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