Fluctuations in Population Densities

Although some populations fluctuate markedly in density, even the most dramatic fluctuations are much less than those that are theoretically possible. To visualize those possibilities, consider a single bacterium selected at random from the surface of this book. If all its descendants were able to grow and reproduce in an unlimited environment, explosive population growth would result. In a month, this bacterial colony would weigh more than the visible universe and would be expanding outward at the speed of light. Similarly, a single pair of Atlantic cod and their descendants, reproducing at the maximum rate of which they are capable, would fill the Atlantic Ocean basin in 6 years if none of them died. Obviously, such dramatic population growth does not occur in nature. What prevents it from happening?

All populations have the potential for exponential growth

Bacteria and cod illustrate the fact that all populations have the potential for explosive growth. As the number of individuals in a population increases, the number of new individuals added per unit of time accelerates, even if the rate of increase expressed on a per individual basis—called the per capita growth rate—remains constant. If births and deaths occur continuously and at constant rates, a graph of the population size over time forms a continuous, J-shaped curve (Figure 54.6). This form of explosive increase is called exponential growth. It can be expressed mathematically in the following way:

Rate of increase in number of individuals ' Average per capita birth rate ^ v- Average per capita death ratey x Number of individuals or, more concisely,

Dreissena polymorpha

o 1000

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