Aneuploidy can give rise to genetic abnormalities

One reason for aneuploidy may be a lack of cohesins. Recall that these molecules, formed during prophase I, hold the two homologous chromosomes together into metaphase I. They ensure that when the chromosomes line up at the equatorial plate, one homolog will face one pole and the other homolog will face the other pole. Without this "glue," the two homologs may line up randomly at metaphase I, just like chromosomes during mitosis, and there is a 50 percent chance that both will go to the same pole.

If, for example, during the formation of a human egg, both members of the chromosome 21 pair go to the same pole during anaphase I, the resulting eggs will contain either two of chromosome 21 or none at all. If an egg with two of these chromosomes is fertilized by a normal sperm, the resulting zygote will have three copies of the chromosome: it will be trisomic for chromosome 21. A child with an extra chromosome 21 demonstrates the symptoms of Down syndrome: impaired intelligence; characteristic abnormalities of the hands, tongue, and eyelids; and an increased susceptibility to cardiac abnormalities and diseases such as leukemia. If an egg that did not receive chromosome 21 is fertilized by a normal sperm, the zygote will have only one copy: it will be monosomic for chromosome 21 (Figure 9.18).

Other abnormal chromosomal events can also occur. In a process called translocation, a piece of a chromosome may

Chromosome Abnormalities

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