Why Encourage Questions Why Your Answers Are Important

It is important to the patient to know what is happening to them and to get accurate, considered answers to their questions. They have a right to this and it will facilitate the development of a good patient/doctor relationship.

"At the time it is very difficult to ask questions for a number of reasons, which can include things like shock and denial. However I think that the main problem is that in order to ask informed questions you need to have a certain knowledge of the situation or condition that you are dealing with."

"To a certain extent I also expected all the information that I would need to know to come from the specialist. This was a person with knowledge of the disease and having dealt with the situation time and time again should provide the information a typical patient needed to know. It wasn't until I started finding out things for myself that the specialist hadn't told me about that I started to research things more and ask questions."

"I found that it wasn't until I started learning more about the condition and its consequences that I came across questions that I wanted answers to. For example, until I was aware of the pituitary gland and its influence on the other glands in the body, I didn't think of asking questions about things like fertility."

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