Nutrition and the Well Child

1 Nutritional Assessment: Dietary Evaluation I

Kristy M. Hendricks. RD. MS, ScD

2 Nutritional Assessment: Anthropometrics and Growth . 8

3 Nutritional Assessment: Clinical Evaluation 52

Kristy M. Hendricks. RD. MS. ScD

4 Laboratory Assessment of Nutritional Status 66

Clodagh M. Ltwghrey, MD. MRCP. MRCPath Christopher Duggan, MD. MPH

5 Nutritional Requirements:

Dietary Reference Intakes 77

Linda Gallagher Olsen. M Ed. RD

6 Breastfeeding 86

Jill Koslka h'ulhan. MPH. RD

7 Introduction of Solids 106

Lauren R. Furuta. MOE. RD

8 Feeding Guidelines for Children and Adolescents... 116

9 The US Department of Agriculture's Food

Guide Pyramid 131

10 Vegetarian Diets 135

Heidi Schauster. MS. RD

11 Sports Nutrition 141

Dieting Dilemma and Skinny Solutions

Dieting Dilemma and Skinny Solutions

The captivating thing about diets is that you don't get what is researched or predicted or calculated but rather, you get precisely what you expect. If the diet resonates with you then it will likely work, if it doesn't resonate, it won't.

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