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Pediatric Genetic/Metabolic Referral Centers


Genetic'Metabolic Referral Centers

Alabama Univ. of Alabama. Sparks Clinic. Birmingham. AL Alaska Univ. of Washington, PKU Program, Child

Development and Mental Retardation Center. Seattle. WA

Arizona Univ. of Arizona, Dept. of Pediatrics. Section of Genetics. Phoenix, AZ

Arkansas Univ. of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Arkansas

Genetics Program. Little Rock, AR California Children's Hospital. Oakland. Child Development Center, Oakland, CA

UC San Francisco Medical Center. Pediatrics. San Francisco. CA

Stanford University Medical Center. Dept. of Pediatrics. Palo Alto, CA UC Davis Medical Center. Medical/Pediatrics. Davis. CA

Harbor/UCLA Medical Center, Div. of Medical Genetics, Torrance, CA Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Medical Genetics, Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles/USC Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA UCLA School of Medicine. Dept. of Pediatrics/Genetics, Los Angeles, CA Colorado The Children's Hospital, Inherited Metabolic Diseases Clinic, Denver. CO

Connecticut Univ. of Connecticut Health Center. Dept. of

Pediatrics, Div. of Human Genetics. Hartford. CT Yale Univ. School of Medicine, Metabolic Clinic. New Haven. CT

Delaware see Pennsylvania

District of Howard Univ & School of Medicine. Genetics Clinic, Columbia Washington, DC

Georgetown University, Center lor Genetic Counseling. Washington. DC Children's Hospital National Medical Center. Clinical Genetics. Washington. DC

Florida University Hospital of Jacksonville. Div, of Genetics. Jacksonville, FL

Univ. of Miami Medical Center. Mailman Center for Child Development, Miami, FL

Georgia Emory Univ. School of Medicine, Div. of Medical Genetics, Atlanta, GA

Medical College of Georgia, Div. of Medical Genetics. Augusta, GA

Hawaii Medical Genetics Services, Chaplain Medical Center. Honolulu, HI

Idaho The Oregon Health Sciences Univ., Metabolic Clinic, Portland, OR

Illinois Children's Memorial Hospital, PKU Program. Chicago. IL Univ. of Illinois at Chicago, Dept. of Pediatrics, Chicago, IL

Indiana James Whitcomb Riley Hospital for Children, Metabolism Clinic, Indianapolis, IN

Iowa Univ. of Iowa, Child Development Center, Iowa City. IA

Kansas Univ of Kansas Medical Center. PKU Clinic, Kansas City, KS

Kentucky Univ. of Kentucky Medical Center, Div. of Endocrine/Metabolism, Lexington. KY Univ. of Louisville School of Medicine. Inborn Errors of Metabolism, Louisville. KY Louisiana Tulane Univ. Medical Center, Human Genetics Program. New Orleans. LA

Maine Maine Medical Center. Metabolism Program.

Portland, ME

Eastern Maine Medical Center, Genetics Clinic, Bangor, ME

Maryland The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Pediatric Genetics Clinic, Baltimore, MD

Univ. of Maryland Genetics Program. Univ. of Maryland Hospital, Baltimore. MD

Massachusetts The Children's Hospital, Genetics/Metabolism Program, Boston, MA New England Medical Center, Amino Acid Disorders Clinic, Boston, MA Massachusetts General Hospital, Amino Acid Disorders Laboratory, Boston, MA Michigan University Hospital, Pediatric Metabolic Disease

Center, Ann Arbor, Ml

Children's Hospital, Clinic for Genetic, Metabolic, & Developmental Disorders, Detroit, Ml Minnesota Univ. of Minnesota, Pediatric Metabolism. Minneapolis, MN

Mayo Clinic, Dept. ol Medical Genetics, Rochester. MN

Univ. of Mississippi Medical Center, Dept. of Preventive Medicine, Jackson, MS Cardinal Glennon Memorial Hospital for Children. PKU Clinic, St. Louis, MO Washington Univ. School of Medicine, St. Louis Children's Hospital, St. Louis, MO Children's Mercy Hospital, Genetic Counseling Center, Kansas City, MO See Oregon, Colorado, Utah Univ. of Nebraska Medical Center. Metabolic Diseases Clinic, Omaha, NE Nevada Univ. of Nevada School of Medicine. Nevada

Genetics Network, Las Vegas, NV New Hampshire See Massachusetts New Jersey University Medical School, Div. of Genetics, Newark. NJ

Rutgers Medical School, University Medical Center. Cooper Hospital, Camden, NJ Children's Hospital of New Jersey, PKU Program, East Orange. NJ New Mexico Univ. of New Mexico School of Medicine,

Metabolic Clinic, Albuquerque. NM New York Ml. Sinai Medical Center, Pediatric Metabolic

Disease Center. New York, NY Albany Medical College, Inherited Metabolic Defects Diagnostic and Treatment Center, Albany, NY

Mississippi Missouri

Montana Nebraska

North Shore University Hospital. Pediatric Endrocrinology, Manhassett, NY

Children's Hospital, Metabolic Clinic, Buffalo, NY Univ. of Rochester Medical Center, Univ. Affiliated Program for Developmental Disabilities. Rochester, NY

North Carolina Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Div. of Genetics and Metabolism, Chapel Hill. NC

Duke University Medical Center, Div. of Pediatric Metabolism, Durham, NC

Bowman Gray School of Medicine. Section of Medical Genetics, Winston-Salem. NC Fargo Clinic Merit Care, Pediatric Endocrine and Metabolic Disease Clinic, Fargo, ND

Children's Hospital Research Foundation, Div. of Inborn Errors of Metabolism, Cincinnati, OH

Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Pediatrics and Adolescent Endocrinology, Cleveland, OH

Case Western Reserve Univ., Genetics Center, Cleveland, OH

Children's Medical Center, PKU Clinic. Dayton. OH Oklahoma Children's Memorial Hospital, Health Sciences Center, Genetic, Endocrine, and Metabolic Disease Section, Oklahoma City, OK

Oregon Health Sciences Univ., Metabolic Clinic, Portland, OR

Children's Hospital, PKU Clinic, Pittsburgh, PA

Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, PKU Treatment Center, Div. of Genetics, Hershey, PA

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Metabolic Diseases, Philadelphia, PA

St. Christopher's Hospital for Children, PKU Treatment Center. Philadelphia. PA

Child Development Center, Inherited Metabolic Diseases Program, Providence. Rl South Carolina Medical Univ. of South Carolina. Dept. of Genetics, Charleston, SC

Univ. of South Carolina School of Medicine, Dept. of Pediatrics, Columbia, SC

North Dakota Ohio


Oregon Pennsylvania

Rhode Island

South Dakota Univ. of South Dakota School of Medicine. Dept.

of Pediatrics. Sioux Falls. SD Tennessee Univ. of Tennessee. Memphis, Inborn Errors of Metabolism Clinic. Child Development Center. Memphis. TN

Vanderbilt Univ. School of Medicine. Div. of Genetics, Nashville, TN Texas Univ. ol Texas Southwest Medical Center.

Metabolic Clinic. Dallas, TX Texas Children's Hospital, Genetic Metabolic Clinic. Houston, TX

University of Texas Medical School, Dept. of Pediatrics. Metabolic Clinic, Houston, TX Univ. of Texas Medical School. Dept. of Pediatrics. Div. of Child Development. Galveston, TX Univ of Texas Health Sciences Center, San Antonio Medical School, Dept. of Pediatrics, San Antonio. TX

Utah Univ. of Utah School of Medicine. Dept. of

Pediatrics. Salt Lake City. UT Vermont Vermont Health Department. Children With

Special Health Needs. Child Development Clinic. Burlington, VT

Virginia Medical College of Virginia, Dept. of Human

Genetics, Richmond. VA University Hospital. Dept of Pediatrics, Div. of Medical Genetics, Charlottesville, VA Washington Univ. of Washington. PKU Program, Child

Development and Mental Retardation Center. Seattle. WA

West Virginia West Virginia Univ Medical Center. Dept. of Pediatrics. West Virginia Genetics Center. Morgantown. WV Wisconsin Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. PKU Program. Milwaukee. Wl

Waisman Center on Mental Retardation and Human Development, Metabolic Clinic, Madison. Wl

Dept. ol Pediatrics. Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism. Marshfield. Wl Wyoming See Colorado

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