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Among individuals of normal weight, basal metabolic rate can be calculated from standard equations or tables, using body weight, height, age. and gender. When applied to obese individuals, however, these equations are invalid since they assume a relatively fixed ratio of lean body mass (eg. metubolically active mass) to fat mass. Since this ratio is significantly altered in those individuals 125'i heavier than ideal body weight, an "adjusted body weight" is preferred for calculating their basal metabolic rate,4 as follows:

(|ABW - IBW| x 0.25) + IBW = wt in kg for use in calculating BEE and protein requirement

Where: ABW = actual body weight in kg; IBW = ideal body weight for height; 0.25 = 259i of body fat tissue is estimated to be metabolicallv active; BEE = basal energy expenditure.

It should be noted that this formula has been validated in adults but not in children.

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