Despite the lack of significant improvement in reducing cancer mortality rates over the past half-century, advances in basic medical science have increased our abilities to understand the molecular pathogenesis of cancer. This knowledge, in concert with technological advances, has allowed clinicians a foothold from which to combat cancer. Basic science has given clinicians the molecular tools to yield further information on their patients' plight; we now have the ability to genotype certain neoplasias, and with this information tailor chemo-therapeutic treatment regimens to yield the most beneficial outcome. The presence or absence of estrogen sensitivity in breast cancer specimens is one such example of how molecular tools are helping to direct chemotherapeutic treatments. Additionally, the usefulness of hyperthermia as a potential treatment modality for cancer has been suggested for over a century. The lack of understanding of the scientific basis for this treatment, as well as gaps in the technology with which to administer the "dose" has played a role in keeping this therapy from the mainstream. Basic science research, however, has recently helped to clarify the actions by which hyperthermia is beneficial in a clinical setting to treat tumors and metastases. It has been demonstrated that this therapy has a twofold benefit, through both the induction of apoptosis of neoplasias and the potential augmentation of the immune response to cancer through cross-presentation of tumor antigens.

The therapeutic usefulness of hyperthermia and chemotherapeutics are beginning to become clear. However, many questions still remain; the answers will surely expand our ability to treat cancer. Basic science is poised to play a significant role in advancing our therapeutic options through the generation of newer treatments, as well as through the clarification of actions of current treatments.

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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