Figure 4-153. Space plan for psychiatry, 1024 square feet. (Design: Jain Malkin Inc.)

Types of Treatments

There are many treatments for chronic pain such as physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, electrical therapy, nerve injections and blocks, implantable pain devices, neuromuscular conditioning, biofeedback, and group and individual psychotherapy.

Design Features

People who suffer from chronic pain need a relaxing, comforting environment in which to receive medical treatment. Lighting is especially important. All attempts should be made to do away with 2-x4-foot fluorescent lighting in favor of indirect lighting around the perimeter of the room or from wall sconces or other semiconcealed sources.

Temperature control is very important, especially in a biofeedback room, physical therapy room, or massage room. When patients are relaxing and/or undressed, if they are too warm or uncomfortably cold, their discomfort will defeat the treatment. With respect to the mechanical system, it is important to zone this suite very carefully and locate thermostatic controls in appropriate rooms.

Depending on the types of specialists represented, the interior design of a pain management suite may run the gamut from clean and clinical, for suites that are more procedure oriented, to "New Age"—serene spaces with soft lighting, soothing music or nature sounds, perhaps a fountain, nonclinical style of furniture—reflecting the practitioners' desire to balance mind, body, and spirit.

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