Chlamydia pneumonia to oo

Helicobacter pylori

Herpes Simplex Virus

Developed de novo atherosclerotic changes with infection in rabbits. Azithromycin treatment shown to prevent atherosclerosis.

Marek's disease (herpes virus in chickens) associated with atherosclerosis.

Detected in atheromatous tissue. Serologic evidence for link with atherosclerosis. Associated with allograft disease.

Potential role in restenosis. Alters cellular function.

Often subclinical infection Detected in atheroma. Serologic evidence for link with atherosclerosis. Detected in asymptomatic atherosclerosis. atherosclerotic disease.

Alters cellular function. Associated with elevated inflammatory markers. Limited serologic data. No evidence for detection in atheromatous plaques.

Detected in atheroma. Serologic data lacking.

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