AMI = acute myocardial infarction UAP = unstable angina pectoris G = general detection of ACI

Diagnostic rating: A = highest-quality (least bias) B = high-quality (some bias) C = significant bias

E = early detection S = detection in subgroup

Clinical impact rating: + + + = very accurate/ large clinical impact + + = moderately accurate/ medium impact + = modestly accurate/ small impact NK = not known NE = not effective

NK = not known NE = not effective

Note: The technologies are listed in order of the Systematic Review's ratings of diagnostic accuracy and demonstrated clinical impact, and alphabetically among equivalent ratings, with the exception of standard ECG, which is considered to be a standard of care.

The final diagnostic technology, serial CK-MB testing, has been studied in high-quality (A) studies and been found to be highly (+ + +) accurate for the diagnosis of AMI (but not ACI). It has been only evaluated in one study (C), and was found to have a moderate (++) effect on triage decisions. Additional studies of high quality are needed to assess its impact are needed.

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