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Weight gain may be a problem in MS if your activity level drops but your caloric intake remains constant. Very few people who are overweight do not know it; there is little point to continuous comments about it to an overweight individual. No data indicate that weight gain causes or is associated with weakness, but it is not good for your overall health and is unattractive to many people. It may make general movement more difficult than necessary, especially aided transfers.

People who are overweight usually would like to be thinner, but they often can do very little to change the situation. Decreasing

Any food may be eaten in moderation.

Any food may be eaten in moderation.

blend it into a sensible nutritional life-styl blend it into a sensible nutritional life-styl e.

caloric intake only works to a certain extent if the activity level cannot be increased. Understanding that one sometimes has to deal with a situation the way it is and not fret over what cannot be done makes for a better quality of life.

A number of exercises can be done from chairs or beds to keep limber and Increase muscle tone. It takes real ambition to stick to the exercise program but it is quite important. People who use a wheelchair often appear to have weight gain in the abdomen. This usually is unavoidable because they cannot do enough repetitions of stomach-firming exercises to change the situation.

The same basic dietary guidelines that apply to others also apply to people with MS. Appetite suppressants have little long-term effect. You must strive for a balance between exercise, calories, and fatigue. This starts with eating smaller meals. Many people find that eating small but frequent meals results in both lower overall caloric intake and greater satisfaction.

The same basic dietary guideli nes

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