Meal Preparation

• Have good lighting and ventilation in the cooking area.

• Gather items needed to prepare a meal, and then sit while doing the actual food preparation.

• Select foods that require minimal preparation such as dehydrated, frozen, canned, or packaged mixes.

• Use a cutting board with nails to hold items that are being cut.

• Prepare double recipes, and freeze half for later use.

• Use electrical appliances rather than manual ones whenever possible, including food processors, mixers, blenders, and can openers.

• Use a microwave oven or crockpot to cut down on cooking and cleanup time.

• Bake rather than fry whenever possible.

• Bake cookies as sheets of squares instead of using shaped cutters.

• Slide heavy items along the countertop rather than lifting them.

• Use a damp dishcloth or a sticky substance such as Dycem™ to keep a pot or bowl in place while stirring.

• Line baking pans with foil to minimize cleanup, and soak pots and pans to eliminate scrubbing.

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